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We can proudly say that Zakłady Miesne Brado-2 S.A. is a company with an estimated position on the market and we cooperate with 37 countries around the world and we constantly expanding our reach.

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We slaughter and package poultry, our plant buys broilers, light and heavy hens. The widely developed commercial offer includes elements of chicken, heavy and light hen. Brado-2 S.A. is a brand that we have created to offer fresh goods with a wide selection, guaranted competitive prices, comprehensively implement multi-assortments orders and after loyal and long-term cooperation. We have 225 regular customers and 120 suppliers.


The plant is fully automated. The processing capasity of our plant is at the level of 5000 psc per hour. The production and warehouse space is 6500 m2 and we are still growing! We also mordenize production lines, which we equip with the latest equipment!


The comapny has 100 % Polish capital. We cooperate with breeders from Poland and Europe, among others: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, Sweden, Croatia, Romania, France, the Netherlands, Germany. We sell our products on the Polish, European and global markets (mainly Africa).


We have fleet of vehicles adapted to transport of live poultry while maintaining animal welfare. We have modern transport in containers, which enables faster loading of poultry with less human effort. Our trucks eqiupped with refrigerators, deliver goods to wholesalers, hotels, shops, restaurants and schools every day.

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